Sunday, May 16, 2010

Interview With Indonesian Minister of Finance

Interview with Sri Mulyani, the Indonesian Minister of Finance, was done using Lowel lighting. The lighting available in the guest room of Sri Mulyani's official residence was very bright so it definitely helped to even out the lighting on the subject. We set up the interview with a single chair in the middle of the room, close to the Indonesian flag situated at one of the wall. The concept was to get a full shot of her body language in the hope that this will give more valuable information to the viewers regarding her opinion and answers on certain issues.

Since the announcement of her departure from the cabinet to become the Managing Director of The World Bank on 5th of May 2010, Sri Mulyani had been very quiet to the press. She had refused to elaborate or even to answer questions from the Press on several occasions. She finally agreed to meet with the Press on the 13th of May 2010 on the day she held a farewell party with them.

Eye Witness Style for Contemplative Effect

Rioting in North Jakarta, 14th of April 2010. It started out as a protest against the bulldozing of the area in front of the Mbah Priuk memorial site considered to be sacred by the local people. The people were up in arms after hearing a boy was beaten by the Public Order Officers and taken to a hospital near the site. This footage was taken the night after the riot.

I made the report with an eye witness style to it. The aim was to make it more contemplative instead of just reporting as it was. So, I tried to depict as much chaos and disorder to show the viewers how far a misunderstanding can go when public officers work without caution or sensitivity to the public.